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Victorian lamps were created originally with all the style we now adore in a vintage desk lamp. The classical look that sets a room apart from the mediocre. They posses a certain relaxed form and shape to set themselves apart. With shades ranging from classic frilly fabrics to colored glass you can choose to suit your room.  Browse Range


A Vintage Desk Lamp is something your study desk requires to give some style and provide clean crisp lighting while you work. With the newer USB connections with LED lighting you can purchase the exact light to suit your space and desk. Then you can choose the frame color for your desk and other work equipment. Don’t compromise on style here – Feel good along side your choice!  Browse Range


Purchasing a Vintage lampshade could be just the thing you need to transform your room to something to show off and admire. Vintage lampshades can bolt onto just about any lamp with a decent base so you can upgrade you current lamp with a new shade. Browse Range

Vintage Desk Lamp

The Search For A Vintage Desk Lamp

This is your place to find a vintage desk lamp for your study or living room.

Choose between a Victorian classic or a more retro desk lamp with led lights. There are many styles of lamps to ensure you find something to suit your decor. The range of vintage lamps has exploded online with genuine antiques available for purchase to remakes of classic bronze and oil lamps being reborn. It does not matter what type you want there is a lamp for every style possible. Just have fun searching!

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Vintage Lamp Testimonials:

Tiffany Style Victorian Lamp“I went shopping to add to our study room which has a timber victorian feel. We searched for something that would bring lots of color. We settled on a Shelly Tiffany Style Victorian Lamp with purple shades. Its perfect for giving the room the more light”

J Holdmer
Topeka, Kansas


“I choose a Metal Desk Lamp with an Antique Brass Accent for my computer desk. It has a USB port for easy charging and the flexible stand is ideal for above my laptop”

Michael T
Jackson, Mississippi

Browsing Tip #1

When choosing a vintage desk lamp – ensure you know what color scheme you need to match. Its no good buying a great looking lamp if it does not match the room you are going to place it in. Something simple is also to ensure you have a power point to plug in the lamp once in position, You don’t want extension cords on the floor which would be ghastly and a safety hazard.

Browsing Tip #2

If you already have a lamp you could just buy a lampshade. The range of Victorian lampshades is vast these days and and be easily changed to suit your decor.  Just ensure that the mounting bracket is the same diameter as your current lamp and the shade is the same size so it has clearance around the bulb or glass lamp itself. You can choose from a fabric or stained glass lampshade to redefine your current lamp. Its a great way to avoid buying a whole new lamp.

Browsing Tip #3

When you choose your lamp, make sure the bulb and the brightness suits the room and space you have. Some lamps project the light through the shade, some up or down through the opening of the lamp shade. The color of the light can also be adjusted with different colored bulbs. Some white lights can be turned into many different colors with a multi colored stain glass shade.