About Vintage Desk Lamp

Who are we and what do we do with vintage lamps?

Well we have a confession: We love vintage lamps. We really love lamps. Some say its an addiction to lamps but its not like we sleep next to lamps, Oh Wait??

If vintage lamps were to take over the world in some si-fi scenario we would happily be their servants. We admire their style, their shape and timeless lampshades. The way a lamp can transform a room has us constantly in awe. In a world absorbed by technology its nice to see such a simple piece of decor make a difference.

How Vintage Lamps Survive

When we showcase lamps we usually do it by way of lamps available on Amazon. Sales from this promotion can earn us a small commission. It does not effect the price of the lamps. This commission keeps us ticking along to be able to keep talking about lamps. Keep us sane!

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