Antique Desk Lamp

Antique Desk Lamp

Antique Desk Lamp & Shades

Antique desk lamps come in a huge variety of styles, colors, sizes, and materials they are made with. You can search for an antique desk lamp and get thousands of hits from the search engines. Below are three different types, but there are many more not mentioned here, that you may come across in your search for the perfect one. A good point to keep in mind when searching is the difference between antique and vintage. Antique, if you ask anyone in the antique business, is 100 years old or older and vintage is for items that are at least 50 years old, but there are some exceptions to those rules. But for now, just keep those numbers in mind, in case someone tries to sell you something that is NOT antique or vintage.

Art Deco Table Lamp

Art Deco is often confused with Art Nouveau, but they are completely different. First of all, Art Nouveau predated Art Deco by a decade or so. Also, Art Nouveau also had a shorter lifespan than Art Deco, even today, you can find many buildings that were created in the Art Deco era that are still standing and functional. The same can be said for table lamps.

Art Deco table lamps were made to be luxurious, rich, and with more expensive materials. They also contained many curves, flowers, glass, motifs, decorations, and more. Many were handcrafted with expert craftsmanship and intricate, handmade designs. The Art Nouveau era ran from about 1880 until around World War I. The Art Deco era, on the other hand, ran from about 1908 until around 1935, this also depends on which source you believe. Both are excellent lamps to have from their respective eras.

art deco table lamps

Bankers Desk Lamp

A banker’s desk lamp is by far the most recognized lamp, right up there with hurricane lamps. The common green glass shade, pull string, and brass base and neck that can still be seen in libraries, courthouses, banks, lawyers offices, and especially in film and movies. There are even cartoon versions in many of the animated films or cartoons that can be seen. If you don’t think you’ve seen one, you’ve probably just never noticed especially if seen on TV or films. Many directors put them in the background of a set and shows for authenticity, or just as props.
There’s a pretty good chance if you’ve ever watched shows of some kind, you’ve seen one.

Banker’s lamps have a long history of showing up all over the place, even in the present day world. It’s no wonder that they are sought out in the antique desk lamp world. There is an idea, which experts claim, is why they are so popular or sought after. It comes down the original green lamp shade. The color green is thought to be a psychological factor that helps relieve stress on the eyes. Furthermore it is supposed to help the human brain become soothed and calm. The standard shade was green on the outside with opal white glass on the inside, but over the years, different colored shades were introduced as well as those with patterns. But the green shade is still the most recognizable for everyone.

Bankers Desk Lamp

Vintage Hurricane Lamps

Another recognizable lamp is the hurricane lamp. Vintage hurricane lamps also have a long history of use, even longer than many others. It is thought that hurricane lamps were created thousands of years ago, in the form of sconces, and back then it was the oils from animal fat that illuminated them. Keep in mind that though they have been around for thousands of years. Their name came about in 1780 when a Swiss watchmaker came up with the idea of an oil-burning lamp with a glass globe/chimney, and knob to control the wick and flame. That was when the term ‘hurricane lamp’ came to be, and even in the present day they are used mostly for when the electricity goes out, and a backup light source.

Vintage hurricane lamps can be seen in a variety of styles, including the original style with a glass globe/chimney. You can also find them with glass lamp shades instead of just the chimneys they were built with. Depending on your generation, your parents or grandparents most likely had the style with the glass globe or with a glass lampshade covered in a flowered pattern. No matter what style, they are a wonderful piece of history to own. When you search for an Antique Desk Lamp you can include the for-mentioned lamps on your list

Antique Desk Lamp

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