Art Deco Table Lamps

Art Deco Table Lamps

Art Deco Table Lamps & Shades

So what is the difference between Art Deco Table Lamps and Art Nouveau? If you’re like many people out there, you are clueless. Unless you specialize in this type of art, getting the two mixed up or using them simultaneously is common practice. To understand how Art Deco and Art Nouveau are different, firstly you must learn the definition of them both.

Art Deco Lamp Shades

In simple terms, Art Deco referred to luxury, glamour, and exuberance due to its craftsmanship. The name is short for Art Decoratifs, it usually combined modernistic styles with expensive materials and intricate craftsmanship. Excellent examples would be such things as Prometheus, a statue you will find at the Rockefeller Center in New York. Another example would be the Chrysler Building that is also in New York, both of these pieces of art are considered Art Deco.

Art Nouveau Lamps

This is an international style of art that was popular from 1890-1910. Its inspiration was Celtic art, especially the curved lines of flowers and plants. Art Nouveau is French for new art. It is the predecessor of the Art Deco Table Lamps. Thanks to art magazines of the era, it went international quickly but did not last long after 1910 when the newer styles of art took its place.


Unfortunately, the Art Deco Table Lamps movement was short-lived, which is a good reason why they are sought after presently. After the Art Nouveau ended, Art Deco styles were the most popular from 1925-1940. Businesses and apartments buildings were often built in the Art Deco style including angular curves, motifs, and ornamental structure, and many still exist today in different areas of the United States.


The materials used for the base were usually stucco, terracotta, smooth stone, and even concrete for buildings. There were a few that used brass, copper or wrought iron for the lamp bases but only rarely. The actual lamps, of course, could not be made of those materials, though many Art Deco lamps are made of either porcelain or glass, they are delicate and fragile. Art Deco style desk lamps are unique and stunning to look at nice to own. They can be used in most any home or office setting you choose. The lampshades of such lamps are usually quite simple, white or cream colored. But the base of these lamps is much more ornate and luxurious to look at. Often times they are carved intricately with hand-made designs with beautiful details. They are amazing to look at and wonderful additions to any home or office.


Modern-day pricing of these lamps can run anywhere from inexpensive to mind-blowing expensive. Of course, a lot depends on where they are purchased from and how detailed they are, and what if they are still functional and vintage. Reproductions can run expensive in pricing as well due the the limited availability of the original and genuine table lamps

Art Deco Table Lamps

Art Deco Table Lamps

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