Clamp On Desk Lamp

Clamp On Desk Lamp

Choosing A Clamp On Desk Lamp

A clamp on desk lamp can bring convenience and ease to those that travel much or often move desks or office spaces. They are easy to attach and remove, and fit on any desk from vintage to modern and everything in between. Many people that work at their desks all day long need excellent lighting that will not bother their eyes or make their eyes strain from not enough light. Clamp on desk lamp are great for home, office, drafting, drawing, reading, and so much more.

Lighting has come a long way over the decades from oil lamps, to kerosene lamps, to modern day lamps, and regular light bulbs to high-tech LED light bulbs to conserve energy. Below are four of the top clamp on desk lamps found in stores or online currently and the price tags on each of them.

Zhoppy LED Reading Lamp

If you’re looking for quality in a clamp on desk lamp, the Zhoppy LED may not seem like the right choice with its
inexpensive price tag, but if you don’t want to break your budget but still get a quality lamp, with 14 LED light bulbs
is a good choice for home offices, studies, work desks, and more. The easy clamp on implement works great for someone always on the move to traveling or just changing offices due to its lightweight.

Furthermore this lamp can be purchased for around $100.00 depending on the retailer purchased from. Aside from the budgeted price, the Zhoppy LED includes a rechargeable battery that can be recharged by using the USB port on the lamp.

clamp on desk lamp

Youkoyi A509 Architect Clamp On Desk Lamp

The Youkoyi A509 is an addition to add to your office desk, den, workspace, or wherever you need decent
lighting. Also as a great feature this lamp comes with touch keys to save your favorite settings. It is a sturdy piece created with sturdy metal and a special clasp on the clamp to eliminate scratching a desk.
The price tag on this lamp can be found beginning at $130.00 at stores online.

Youkoyi A509 Architect Clamp On Desk Lamp

BYB E430 Clamp On Desk Lamp

The BYB E430 has an adjustable clamp that can be adjusted to any type of desk with ease. It also contains no-flicker
technology that helps users eliminate tired eyes or straining of eyes. The lamp also contains energy efficient LED light bulbs, over 100 of them. It also includes six different dimmer settings and separate lighting modes.
The price tag on this one can be found for under $100.00.

BYB E430 Metal Clamp On Desk Lamp

Globe Electric 32” Multi-Joint Desk Lamp

This clamp on desk lamp comes with either a metal clamp or a desk clamp to attach to your desk. The spring loaded arm can be adjusted with ease for whatever comfort level you prefer. Thanks to the adjustable metal clamp, you can attach this lamp anywhere you need lighting. It could be a table or a desk where you need light. Additionally a lot of workshops use these lamps for precision task like small parts assembly and inspection. Takes a standard 60 watt recommended bulb and includes a 6-foot long cord for your convenience. However with a very sturdy and steady design this clamp-on desk lamp is multi-functional.

The price tag ranges from $14.99 and up depending on where you’d like to purchase one.

Globe Electric 32” Multi Joint Desk Lamp

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