Clip on Desk Lamp

Clip on Desk Lamp

Clip on Desk Lamp With LED’s

A clip on desk lamp is one of the most useful lamps one can own. If you have a small table that a standard lamp may not fit on, or maybe a table or desk that you might move items around on often. Clip on desk lamps are portable and adjustable and made for those people that are constantly on the go, they can even be used if you’re mobile or traveling. They are convenient and made in several styles, sizes, and are functional no matter where you need them to be used at. Some of the available clip-on desk lamps are listed below.

Piano Lamp

Just like the name says, the Piano Lamp is used by pianists in lieu of using candlelight back in the day. Imagine years ago when pianists were entertaining a crowd or just playing for personal reasons, how hard do you think it was trying to read the music let along hit the right keys with only a candle to light up the piano? Not only could it be dangerous, but it was hard on the eyes often straining them.
Because of how they are made and their width, piano lamps are often used to light up paintings, or pictureframes. You just might see one if you ever visit an art museum. The very first piano lamp was created by an inventor who decided to put a shade behind the candle. This was to help direct the light for the pianist to make playing and reading music easier.

Clip On Piano Lamp

Desk Lamp

A clip on desk lamp, as mentioned above, is a convenient way to get light pretty much anywhere it is needed whether it’s a desk in the study, an end table in the living room, an industrial desk in an office, or when traveling or mobile. Having a clip on portable desk lamp is a great idea for almost anyone. After all, you can’t take your standard table lamps with you everywhere, can you if you need to read? As a matter of fact, if you’re an avid reader, you couldn’t ask for a better lamp to own.

Most clip on desk lamps are available in sizes ranging from small to industrial sized such as drafting table lamps. Some have long, adjustable necks, while others are small clip on lamps for your home desk or table. Most have adjustable clamps depending on the thickness of the table or desk you’re going to use them on.

Book Lamps

These are for the avid reader that doesn’t want to use a bright, uncomfortable, light to read late at night. This is usually when trying to get some paperwork done when everyone is asleep. They come in many sizes that will actually fit the book you’re reading. This allows you just enough light to see the words on the pages, but not enough to bother any sleeping family members. Public transportation such as airplanes and buses often have these in the seats for use when in transit, again not to bother your sleeping seatmate or anyone around you.

The styles listed are just a handful of the types of clip on desk lamp available from stores, online, etc. Clip on desk lamps are available with LED lights or standard lighting with low wattage. These lamps are fairly cost effective so it won’t break the bank to invest in one. They are a must-have for book readers everywhere!

Clip On Book Lamp

Clip on Desk Lamp