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Industrial Desk Lamp

Give Your Desk Life With An Industrial Desk Lamp

Working in dimly lit conditions can harm the eyes, and also adversely influence your inclination.  An Industrial Desk Lamp is now a popular choice to bring light to your work space. Have  you discovered your work area is disappointing or feel there’s insufficient normal light rolling in? Maybe you have no windows at all? Purchasing a nice desk lamp can enable you to finish office work and read papers, records or complete reports all the more effectively. However there are many alternatives accessible in each size, shape, and shading in lamp choice. We have helped limit your decisions with this rundown of best work area lights for your home or office.

Lightblade 1500S Reading Desk Lamp

Without a doubt, LED lamps are the most popular lamps for your home, office, garage, workshop, or wherever you find that you need excellent lighting. The Lightblade 1500S is sleek, sturdy, and can be used in numerous environments such as those mentioned. It can be run at low power thanks to the LED light bulb, yet you can still read over the documents on your desk whether a vintage desk in your home office or an industrial desk at your office.

Thanks to the modern technology that we all know of today, this lamp comes with a USB charger for your smartphone and sensors in the base that make it touch friendly. The price tag averages under $80.00 when purchased from Amazon.

Lightblade 1500S Industrial Desk Lamp

TaoTronics Stylish Metal Table Lamp

This lamp is both stylish and classic in looks. It contains different levels of lighting watts, as well as a memory capacity to remember your favorite settings. The neck, base, and are all rotatable, and with its six different light settings, you have every lighting type you need for reading, document research, typing, and more. While this is not a traditional brass, copper or iron table lamp its still got a touch of simplicity like the eras gone by. The style is modern yet still looks chic enough to be used in any office setting or decor. It also includes a USB port for charging your cell phone.

The price tag runs around $65.00 depending on which retailer you purchase it from.

Industrial Desk Lamp

Koncept AR300-C Industrial Desk Lamp

With a 9-inch resistant base and a cool white LED lamp, the Koncept AR300-C is sleek and innovative all wrapped into one durable, well-received lamp. It designed to fit any workspace with elegance and class, even as an industrial desk lamp. The head rotates sideways and can be tilted up and down. The upper and lower arms adjust as well for the full benefit of what this lamp can offer. It also has a touch base to make it easier to operate and you can adjust it to brighter or dimmer, depending on what your specific needs are.

The price tag on the Koncept is a little higher, ringing in at over $200 depending on the retailer you choose.

 Industrial Desk Lamp

BenQ Desk Lamp

The BenQ is known to be the best reading industrial desk lamp. Although its size is smaller than the others, you can be assured that it contains as much power as competitors. The BenQ is great for students, engineers, architects, and most anyone that desires great lighting. However this is not a lamp that is bulky and big making your desk look bigger than it might be. The BenQ also has no-flicker technology that can help eye fatigue and tiredness.

The price tag for this lamp is around $189.00 depending on which retailer is chosen for the purchase.

BenQ Industrial Desk Lamp


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