• Antique Lamp Shades

    Antique Lamp Shades (9)

    Make your old lamp or light new again with an Antique Lamp Shade. Turn your old drab looking lamp into a classic centre piece that can transform your living room. Have a stunning light you can take pride in and show off!
  • Antique Table Lamps

    Antique Table Lamps (6)

    Here is the latest range of Antique Table Lamps. With styles from the vintage lamps range to even retro fitted modern lamps with antique lampshades.
  • Victorian Lamps

    Victorian Lamps (12)

    Spice up your living room or study with an Victorian vintage lamp. A classic Victorian Lamp can be the difference and the wow in your home. Choose a lamp to stand out and want to show off to visitors!
  • Vintage Desk Lamps

    Vintage Desk Lamps (11)

    Browse through the range of vintage desk lamps. Make your desk something you look forward to spending time at with a classical Antique desk lamp. From Industrial to bankers lamps there is one to suit your workstation
  • Vintage Floor Lamps

    Vintage Floor Lamps (17)

    Vintage Floor Lamps are the friend you need to hang over you shoulder as you sit and read. Sometimes the perfect place for a floor lamp is quietly sitting in the corner proving the soft lighting a room needs.
  • Vintage Lampshades

    Vintage Lampshades (21)

    You can turn your boring lamp into a vintage classic with just a vintage lampshade. Choose from a huge range of antique shades. Give your lamp the vintage treatment!