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Clip on Desk Lamp

Clip On Desk Lamp

Clip on Desk Lamp With LED’s

A clip on desk lamp is one of the most useful lamps one can own. If you have a small table that a standard lamp may not fit on, or maybe a table or desk that you might move items around on often. Clip on desk lamps are portable and adjustable and made for those people that are constantly on the go, they can even be used if you’re mobile or traveling. They are convenient and made in several styles, sizes, and are functional no matter where you need them to be used at. Some of the available clip-on desk lamps are listed below.

Piano Lamp

Just like the name says, the Piano Lamp is used by pianists in lieu of using candlelight back in the day. Imagine years ago when pianists were entertaining a crowd or just playing for personal reasons, how hard do you think it was trying to read the music let along hit the right keys with only a candle to light up the piano? Not only could it be dangerous, but it was hard on the eyes often straining them.
Because of how they are made and their width, piano lamps are often used to light up paintings, or pictureframes. You just might see one if you ever visit an art museum. The very first piano lamp was created by an inventor who decided to put a shade behind the candle. This was to help direct the light for the pianist to make playing and reading music easier.

Clip On Piano Lamp

Desk Lamp

A clip on desk lamp, as mentioned above, is a convenient way to get light pretty much anywhere it is needed whether it’s a desk in the study, an end table in the living room, an industrial desk in an office, or when traveling or mobile. Having a clip on portable desk lamp is a great idea for almost anyone. After all, you can’t take your standard table lamps with you everywhere, can you if you need to read? As a matter of fact, if you’re an avid reader, you couldn’t ask for a better lamp to own.

Most clip on desk lamps are available in sizes ranging from small to industrial sized such as drafting table lamps. Some have long, adjustable necks, while others are small clip on lamps for your home desk or table. Most have adjustable clamps depending on the thickness of the table or desk you’re going to use them on.

Book Lamps

These are for the avid reader that doesn’t want to use a bright, uncomfortable, light to read late at night. This is usually when trying to get some paperwork done when everyone is asleep. They come in many sizes that will actually fit the book you’re reading. This allows you just enough light to see the words on the pages, but not enough to bother any sleeping family members. Public transportation such as airplanes and buses often have these in the seats for use when in transit, again not to bother your sleeping seatmate or anyone around you.

The styles listed are just a handful of the types of clip on desk lamp available from stores, online, etc. Clip on desk lamps are available with LED lights or standard lighting with low wattage. These lamps are fairly cost effective so it won’t break the bank to invest in one. They are a must-have for book readers everywhere!

Clip On Book Lamp

Clip on Desk Lamp

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Bankers Desk Lamp

Bankers Desk Lamp

Bankers Desk Lamp Green Glass Shade

What is a bankers desk lamp? This is the lamp that has shown up in hundreds of movies, films, tv shows, and more. Everyone that has access to movies or television or classic film, has seen one of these green lampshaded bankers lamps. They have appeared in multiple cartoons, movies, sitcoms, and more but often go unnoticed used as a simple prop in the background on a desk. Aside from film and tv shows, bankers lamps were frequently used in libraries, banks (thus the name), and courtrooms.

Why were these lamps so popular? Well, the experts have said that the green glow of the light from the lampshade is easy on the eyes, soothing, and relaxing. When used by Hollywood for filming, the directors felt it added authenticity to the scene, and the rest is history. Unfortunately, you won’t see them as abundantly as you once could in the real world. This is what is helping to make them sought over and interesting to learn about.

Bankers Desk Lamp

History of the Bankers Desk Lamp

Even though society refers to it as a bankers lamp, its original name when it was created in 1909 was Emeralite due to the green color of the shade and the light thatit emitted. The company that manufactured the lamp was called H.G McFaddin & Co., but they no longer exist today even though their creation lives on. The banker’s desk lamp shade was originally available in a few different colors. However over time the green lamp became the one that stood the test of time and is the most recognizable.

What Materials Make The Desk Lamp

The materials of the banker’s desk lamp were made of easily available and simple materials. Its shade was made of glass that was created by using the cased glass technique. This was done by melding or fusing to different pieces of glass together and making them one. The white opal glass was used inside the lamp shade and the emerald green colored glass was on the outside. Once these fused together, they created one piece of glass that was used to shape the lampshade  we know today. These lampshades were placed on the brass or metal neck and base of the lamp. Glass and metal were the materials used to craft such a piece of American history.

As their early production continued, additions were added to the lamps. Furthermore these included add on’s  such as removable inkwells, pen holders, clocks, and even calendars. Many of these can still be found today in the antique market.

Placement and Popularity

Banker’s desk lamps could be placed on any desk, table, or countertop. They were sought after for their functionality and durability, easiness on the eyes as well as other reasons. They gained their popularity in the years prior to World War II. Once the war hit, it was hard for the company to obtain glass from Europe causing changes to the design and popularity of the lamp. By 1962 the company which had been sold and renamed multiple times went under ending the creation of the original banker’s lamp.

While there are still companies that produce reproduction banker’s lamps, the originals are highly sought after. The antique and collectors markets are a growing industry with an appetite for these lamps. If having a piece of history is what you seek, then be prepared to spend a good amount of money.  If you are lucky enough to find an original, authentic banker’s desk lamp it will have a price tag to reflect its history. But if you aren’t as concerned with obtaining an antique or original bankers lamp, there are several companies that do create replicas in today’s society.

Although owning an original banker’s desk lamp would be a wonderful addition to any home or office, a reproduction of one could be just as valuable to you.

Bankers Desk Lamp

Bankers Desk Lamp

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Clamp On Desk Lamp

Zhoppy LED Clamp On Desk Lamp

Choosing A Clamp On Desk Lamp

A clamp on desk lamp can bring convenience and ease to those that travel much or often move desks or office spaces. They are easy to attach and remove, and fit on any desk from vintage to modern and everything in between. Many people that work at their desks all day long need excellent lighting that will not bother their eyes or make their eyes strain from not enough light. Clamp on desk lamp are great for home, office, drafting, drawing, reading, and so much more.

Lighting has come a long way over the decades from oil lamps, to kerosene lamps, to modern day lamps, and regular light bulbs to high-tech LED light bulbs to conserve energy. Below are four of the top clamp on desk lamps found in stores or online currently and the price tags on each of them.

Zhoppy LED Reading Lamp

If you’re looking for quality in a clamp on desk lamp, the Zhoppy LED may not seem like the right choice with its
inexpensive price tag, but if you don’t want to break your budget but still get a quality lamp, with 14 LED light bulbs
is a good choice for home offices, studies, work desks, and more. The easy clamp on implement works great for someone always on the move to traveling or just changing offices due to its lightweight.

Furthermore this lamp can be purchased for around $100.00 depending on the retailer purchased from. Aside from the budgeted price, the Zhoppy LED includes a rechargeable battery that can be recharged by using the USB port on the lamp.

Zhoppy LED Clamp On Desk Lamp

Youkoyi A509 Architect Clamp On Desk Lamp

The Youkoyi A509 is an addition to add to your office desk, den, workspace, or wherever you need decent
lighting. Also as a great feature this lamp comes with touch keys to save your favorite settings. It is a sturdy piece created with sturdy metal and a special clasp on the clamp to eliminate scratching a desk.
The price tag on this lamp can be found beginning at $130.00 at stores online.

Youkoyi A509 Architect Clamp On Desk Lamp

BYB E430 Clamp On Desk Lamp

The BYB E430 has an adjustable clamp that can be adjusted to any type of desk with ease. It also contains no-flicker
technology that helps users eliminate tired eyes or straining of eyes. The lamp also contains energy efficient LED light bulbs, over 100 of them. It also includes six different dimmer settings and separate lighting modes.
The price tag on this one can be found for under $100.00.

BYB E430 Metal Clamp On Desk Lamp

Globe Electric 32” Multi-Joint Desk Lamp

This lamp comes with either a metal clamp or a desk clamp to attach to your desk. The spring loaded arm can be adjusted with ease for whatever comfort level you prefer. Thanks to the adjustable metal clamp, you can attach this lamp anywhere you need lighting. It could be a table or a desk where you need light. Additionally a lot of workshops use these lamps for precision task like small parts assembly and inspection. Takes a standard 60 watt recommended bulb and includes a 6-foot long cord for your convenience. However with a very sturdy and steady design this clamp-on desk lamp is multi-functional.

The price tag ranges from $14.99 and up depending on where you’d like to purchase one.

Globe Electric 32” Multi Joint Desk Lamp

Clamp On Desk Lamp Shopping


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Industrial Desk Lamp

industrial desk lamp

Give Your Desk Life With An Industrial Desk Lamp

Working in dimly lit conditions can harm the eyes, and also adversely influence your inclination.  An Industrial Desk Lamp is now a popular choice to bring light to your work space. Have  you discovered your work area is disappointing or feel there’s insufficient normal light rolling in? Maybe you have no windows at all? Purchasing a nice desk lamp can enable you to finish office work and read papers, records or complete reports all the more effectively. However there are many alternatives accessible in each size, shape, and shading in lamp choice. We have helped limit your decisions with this rundown of best work area lights for your home or office.

Lightblade 1500S Reading Desk Lamp

Without a doubt, LED lamps are the most popular lamps for your home, office, garage, workshop, or wherever you find that you need excellent lighting. The Lightblade 1500S is sleek, sturdy, and can be used in numerous environments such as those mentioned. It can be run at low power thanks to the LED light bulb, yet you can still read over the documents on your desk whether a vintage desk in your home office or an industrial desk at your office.

Thanks to the modern technology that we all know of today, this lamp comes with a USB charger for your smartphone and sensors in the base that make it touch friendly. The price tag averages under $80.00 when purchased from Amazon.

Lightblade 1500S Industrial Desk Lamp

TaoTronics Stylish Metal Table Lamp

This lamp is both stylish and classic in looks. It contains different levels of lighting watts, as well as a memory capacity to remember your favorite settings. The neck, base, and are all rotatable, and with its six different light settings, you have every lighting type you need for reading, document research, typing, and more. The style is modern yet still looks chic enough to be used in any office setting or decor. It also includes a USB port for charging your cell phone.

The price tag runs around $65.00 depending on which retailer you purchase it from.

Industrial Desk Lamp

Koncept AR300-C Industrial Desk Lamp

With a 9-inch resistant base and a cool white LED lamp, the Koncept AR300-C is sleek and innovative all wrapped into one durable, well-received lamp. It designed to fit any workspace with elegance and class, even as an industrial desk lamp. The head rotates sideways and can be tilted up and down. The upper and lower arms adjust as well for the full benefit of what this lamp can offer. It also has a touch base to make it easier to operate and you can adjust it to brighter or dimmer, depending on what your specific needs are.

The price tag on the Koncept is a little higher, ringing in at over $200 depending on the retailer you choose.

 Industrial Desk Lamp

BenQ Desk Lamp

The BenQ is known to be the best reading industrial desk lamp. Although its size is smaller than the others, you can be assured that it contains as much power as competitors. The BenQ is great for students, engineers, architects, and most anyone that desires great lighting. However this is not a lamp that is bulky and big making your desk look bigger than it might be. The BenQ also has no-flicker technology that can help eye fatigue and tiredness.

The price tag for this lamp is around $189.00 depending on which retailer is chosen for the purchase.

BenQ Industrial Desk Lamp


Industrial Desk Lamp Shopping