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Art Deco Table Lamps

Art Deco Table Lamps

Art Deco Table Lamps & Shades

So what is the difference between Art Deco Table Lamps and Art Nouveau? If you’re like many people out there, you are clueless. Unless you specialize in this type of art, getting the two mixed up or using them simultaneously is common practice. To understand how Art Deco and Art Nouveau are different, firstly you must learn the definition of them both.

Art Deco Lamp Shades

In simple terms, Art Deco referred to luxury, glamour, and exuberance due to its craftsmanship. The name is short for Art Decoratifs, it usually combined modernistic styles with expensive materials and intricate craftsmanship. Excellent examples would be such things as Prometheus, a statue you will find at the Rockefeller Center in New York. Another example would be the Chrysler Building that is also in New York, both of these pieces of art are considered Art Deco.

Art Nouveau Lamps

This is an international style of art that was popular from 1890-1910. Its inspiration was Celtic art, especially the curved lines of flowers and plants. Art Nouveau is French for new art. It is the predecessor of the Art Deco Table Lamps. Thanks to art magazines of the era, it went international quickly but did not last long after 1910 when the newer styles of art took its place.


Unfortunately, the Art Deco Table Lamps movement was short-lived, which is a good reason they are sought after presently. After the Art Nouveau ended, Art Deco styles were the most popular from 1925-1940. Businesses and apartments buildings were often built in the Art Deco style including angular curves, motifs, and ornamental structure, and many still exist today in different areas of the United States.


The materials used were usually stucco, terracotta, smooth stone, and even concrete for buildings. Lamps, of course, could not be made of those materials, though many Art Deco lamps are made of either porcelain or glass, they are delicate and fragile. Art Deco style desk lamps are unique and stunning to look at nice to own. They can be used in most any home or office setting you choose. The lampshades of such lamps are usually quite simple, white or cream colored. But the base of these lamps is much more ornate and luxurious to look at. Often times they are carved intricately with hand-made designs with beautiful details. They are amazing to look at and wonderful additions to any home or office.


Modern-day pricing of these lamps can run anywhere from inexpensive to mind-blowing expensive. Of course, a lot depends on where they are purchased from and how detailed they are, and what if they are still functional and vintage. Reproductions can run expensive in pricing as well due the the limited availability of the original and genuine table lamps

Art Deco Table Lamps

Art Deco Table Lamps

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Wrought Iron Table Lamps

Wrought Iron Table Lamps

Wrought Iron Table Lamps Antiques

The placement of a wrought iron table lamps can bring a timeless feeling to any room or table. They are gorgeous lamps made of durable material and they come in a variety of styles to suit anyone’s taste. Some of the best ones we could find are listed here. Their price range depending on style and more can range from inexpensive to expensive. The choices are many, and no matter what style you choose to go with you can guarantee that you and your guests will enjoy them for many years. Here are some of the more popular models and designs:

IronScroll Table lamp by Franklin Iron Works

These lamps have earned a 4.8 out of 5-star rating for good reason, they are absolutely stunning and they won’t break the bank. These are made with heavy duty metal on the base, you won’t need to worry about them falling over if you hit the desk, table, or mantel you place them on. A 100 watt traditional light bulb works just fine in them as well as those bulbs with low wattage. Depending on the ambiance you’re seeking the lighting is up to you. They also come with standard rectangular shades that can be changed out to meet your personal needs. Also, they contain
an on/off switch as a traditional lamp does. The finish is a browny color, but the details of the base are quite appealing to the human eye. This set of lamps also doesn’t take up much room as they only stand 27 inches high.

Industrial Wrought Iron Table Lamps with Dimmer Switch

This unique lamp gives a feeling of how Thomas Edison may have worked. It also comes with a dimmer switch which is helpful if you just want to kick back and relax or pick up a good book to read. The steampunk accent is a nice addition to this already unique lamp. Aside from it being a great conversation piece, you can use it as a paperweight too, it weighs in at almost 2.5lbs. The wattage that it calls for is only 60 watt, but any type of bulb will fit it, experiment with different styles until you find what you want. Great for reading, lighting up the room, a night light, on a bedside table, or just a wonderful decorative piece. The item also comes with a padded bottom to avoid scratching table tops and for easy movement. It is purposely finished to look weathered and rustic.

Curved Bronze Black Industrial Wrought Iron Table Lamps

If you’re in the market for an overwhelmingly unique lamp, then this is the one you want. Its base is curved iron finished with aged black. The shade is amber glass which will give you that soft glow you might be seeking. This piece will definitely get some attention from your family, friends and house guests or colleagues if you use it at the office. It has received a 5 out of 5-star rating, making it a top-notch lamp available for purchase. Furthermore apart from its original design, having one of these lamps can provide a real point of difference in your room just due the fact nothing else will look the same as it. The on/off switch is shaped like a knob at the base of the lamp, not a switch or chain. It weighs in at just under 8lbs, is sturdy, well-built, and wonderfully designed.

Curved Bronze Black Iron Lamps

You can search a wide range of Wrought Iron Table Lamps as they have become a popular addition to a rooms decor. Stylists have made these lamps a feature piece on tv shows and renovation magazines

Wrought Iron Table Lamps

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Bankers Desk Lamp

Bankers Desk Lamp

Bankers Desk Lamp Green Glass Shade

What is a bankers desk lamp? This is the lamp that has shown up in hundreds of movies, films, tv shows, and more. Everyone that has access to movies or television or classic film, has seen one of these green lampshaded bankers lamps. They have appeared in multiple cartoons, movies, sitcoms, and more but often go unnoticed used as a simple prop in the background on a desk. Aside from film and tv shows, bankers lamps were frequently used in libraries, banks (thus the name), and courtrooms.

Why were these lamps so popular? Well, the experts have said that the green glow of the light from the lampshade is easy on the eyes, soothing, and relaxing. When used by Hollywood for filming, the directors felt it added authenticity to the scene, and the rest is history. Unfortunately, you won’t see them as abundantly as you once could in the real world. This is what is helping to make them sought over and interesting to learn about.

Bankers Desk Lamp

History of the Bankers Desk Lamp

Even though society refers to it as a bankers lamp, its original name when it was created in 1909 was Emeralite due to the green color of the shade and the light thatit emitted. The company that manufactured the lamp was called H.G McFaddin & Co., but they no longer exist today even though their creation lives on. The banker’s desk lamp shade was originally available in a few different colors. However over time the green lamp became the one that stood the test of time and is the most recognizable.

What Materials Make The Desk Lamp

The materials of the banker’s desk lamp were made of easily available and simple materials. Its shade was made of glass that was created by using the cased glass technique. This was done by melding or fusing to different pieces of glass together and making them one. The white opal glass was used inside the lamp shade and the emerald green colored glass was on the outside. Once these fused together, they created one piece of glass that was used to shape the lampshade  we know today. These lampshades were placed on the brass or metal neck and base of the lamp. Glass and metal were the materials used to craft such a piece of American history.

As their early production continued, additions were added to the lamps. Furthermore these included add on’s  such as removable inkwells, pen holders, clocks, and even calendars. Many of these can still be found today in the antique market.

Placement and Popularity

Banker’s desk lamps could be placed on any desk, table, or countertop. They were sought after for their functionality and durability, easiness on the eyes as well as other reasons. They gained their popularity in the years prior to World War II. Once the war hit, it was hard for the company to obtain glass from Europe causing changes to the design and popularity of the lamp. By 1962 the company which had been sold and renamed multiple times went under ending the creation of the original banker’s lamp.

While there are still companies that produce reproduction banker’s lamps, the originals are highly sought after. The antique and collectors markets are a growing industry with an appetite for these lamps. If having a piece of history is what you seek, then be prepared to spend a good amount of money.  If you are lucky enough to find an original, authentic banker’s desk lamp it will have a price tag to reflect its history. But if you aren’t as concerned with obtaining an antique or original bankers lamp, there are several companies that do create replicas in today’s society.

Although owning an original banker’s desk lamp would be a wonderful addition to any home or office, a reproduction of one could be just as valuable to you.

Bankers Desk Lamp

Bankers Desk Lamp

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Vintage Desk Lamp

Vintage Desk Lamp

 How To Choose A Vintage Desk Lamp

When choosing a vintage desk lamp for your home office or desk, how do you know if what you are looking at is truly vintage or antique? While many people use the two words, vintage and antique, interchangeably, there is a difference between the two terms. For the average person in society, it can be confusing, to say the least in knowing the difference. The goal by the end of this article is to give you a better understanding of antique vs vintage and help you know exactly what you’re looking for. Knowledge is a wonderful thing to have!

When proceeding, keep in mind that these are just general standards that many collectors follow. Furthermore other industry experts may still use the two terms, antique and vintage interchangeably.  You however will now know the difference when searching for that perfect home or office desk lamp.

Antique Desk Lamp

Age is an important factor in knowing the whether an item is vintage or antique. By trade standards, the trade being antique collecting, an item is an antique if it is over 100 years old. It is true that some people in the collecting trade consider an item antique if it is over 80 years old, which to them spans two generations. Generations are considered to be 40-year lifespans. Much of the debate over whether 80 years or 100 years also depends on the items themselves. For example, antique guns are held to a totally different standard as opposed to antique desk lamps.

So as an easy way of remembering, if you come across a lamp that dates back at least 100 years you have indeed acquired an antique desk lamp.

Antique Table Lamps

Vintage Desk Lamp

Again, age plays an important role in determining if something is antique or vintage. To the general public and by general standards, the word vintage applies to a popular item from a past era. It is generally no longer popular or even manufactured as such currently. The best example of this is perhaps the Flapper dress from the 1920s. Most older folks have heard of or seen what a flapper dress looks like. They are a popular Halloween costume in many places around the world. Flapper dresses were specific to their era, and aren’t quite old enough to be considered antique. They are considered vintage instead when going by the 100-year rule, at least or another couple of years. With this in mind, the age cut off for a vintage item is 50-99 years by trade standards.

So as a general rule of thumb in this instance, if you come across a lamp that dates back 50 years to 99 years, then you have acquired a vintage desk lamp.

Whether you choose to purchase an antique desk lamp or a vintage desk lamp for your office, study, library, den, home office, or living room, you can rest assured that the ownership of one will add a certain feeling of nostalgiato the space you decide to put it in. Your newly acquired piece of history whether 100 years old or 50 years old, will make for tantalizing conversation. You now also have the added benefit of knowing the difference between an antique desk lamp and a vintage desk lamp.

Vintage Desk lamp