Vintage Desk Lamp

Vintage Desk Lamp

 How To Choose A Vintage Desk Lamp

When choosing a vintage desk lamp for your home office or desk, how do you know if what you are looking at is truly vintage or antique? While many people use the two words, vintage and antique, interchangeably, there is a difference between the two terms. For the average person in society, it can be confusing, to say the least in knowing the difference. The goal by the end of this article is to give you a better understanding of antique vs vintage and help you know exactly what you’re looking for. Knowledge is a wonderful thing to have!

When proceeding, keep in mind that these are just general standards that many collectors follow. Furthermore other industry experts may still use the two terms, antique and vintage interchangeably.  You however will now know the difference when searching for that perfect home or office desk lamp.

Antique Desk Lamp

Age is an important factor in knowing the whether an item is vintage or antique. By trade standards, the trade being antique collecting, an item is an antique if it is over 100 years old. It is true that some people in the collecting trade consider an item antique if it is over 80 years old, which to them spans two generations. Generations are considered to be 40-year lifespans. Much of the debate over whether 80 years or 100 years also depends on the items themselves. For example, antique guns are held to a totally different standard as opposed to antique desk lamps.

So as an easy way of remembering, if you come across a lamp that dates back at least 100 years you have indeed acquired an antique desk lamp.

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Vintage Desk Lamp

Again, age plays an important role in determining if something is antique or vintage. To the general public and by general standards, the word vintage applies to a popular item from a past era. It is generally no longer popular or even manufactured as such currently. The best example of this is perhaps the Flapper dress from the 1920s. Most older folks have heard of or seen what a flapper dress looks like. They are a popular Halloween costume in many places around the world. Flapper dresses were specific to their era, and aren’t quite old enough to be considered antique. They are considered vintage instead when going by the 100-year rule, at least or another couple of years. With this in mind, the age cut off for a vintage item is 50-99 years by trade standards.

So as a general rule of thumb in this instance, if you come across a lamp that dates back 50 years to 99 years, then you have acquired a vintage desk lamp.

Whether you choose to purchase an antique desk lamp or a vintage desk lamp for your office, study, library, den, home office, or living room, you can rest assured that the ownership of one will add a certain feeling of nostalgiato the space you decide to put it in. Your newly acquired piece of history whether 100 years old or 50 years old, will make for tantalizing conversation. You now also have the added benefit of knowing the difference between an antique desk lamp and a vintage desk lamp.

Vintage Desk lamp

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