Vintage Lampshades

Vintage Lampshades

Install A Vintage Lampshades On Your Lamp

Vintage lampshades come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and were more popular in one era than another. But the one aspect they all have in common is that they are at least 50 years old when following collector standards. If an item is 50 years old to 99 years old it is still considered Vintage in most circles. When its age puts it over 100 years old, it then becomes antique.

When searching for the perfect vintage lampshades for your antique desk lamp, be sure to check thrift stores, antique stores, online stores and online auctions as they are a popular seller for many sites such as Amazon or eBay. Many times you can find treasures at garage sales and craft markets. Furthermore the person selling probably has no idea that it could turn out to be a valuable item. As the old adage says, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

Electricity Helped Bring Lamps To More Households

In the 19th century, as home electricity became a much more popular household item, manufacturers began creating lamp shades of all sizes and colors for clients. The creation of lampshades predates the 19th century, however it was after the creation of electricity. Their numbers grew exponentially as manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon to make unique lampshades for the newly found amenity.

With electricity in almost every home, lampshade manufacturers began to think of the different ways to light up living spaces. They began to craft lampshades for customers with a variety of lighting from romance and reading to just sitting relaxing. Nothing was unheard of, whether lampshades  supplied a lot of light or just a little. Some lampshades would commonly supply less lighting, so the race was on to see who could make the most and the best for their customers using a soft discrete glow.

Some of the first lampshades made were for kerosene lanterns. These were designed to keep out drafts from the flame as the homes were not sealed very well. The shade ensured the flame didn’t extinguish and to allow for more light to glow throughout homes. Kerosene lampshades were made of glass and glass of all colors, shapes, sizes. Many were simple glass globes, but some were created with simple designs or sketches on them.

After the kerosene lampshades were produced, and electricity began, manufacturers began to look at Art Noveau designs. Being inspired from plants, flowers, animals, hand cut glass patterns and blown glass patterns began to emerge. As the time went on, vintage lampshades became more intricate and some are extremely rare finds nowadays and would cost quite a bit of money.

Vintage LampShades

Mainstream Antique Lampshades

While the decades passed and more manufacturers continued to move forward with new designs and modern designs. Stained-glass and more elaborate colored finishes become mass produced.  However some companies stayed true to their vintage roots and went backward to recreate the antique patterns of history. Whether you find yourself with a lampshades from decades ago or a more modernized version, vintage lampshades are true treasures to have and if given the chance to own one without breaking your pocketbook, they are worth every penny you spend on them. Do some research of your own and see what stands out to your taste and room decor.  No matter what you end up with you can be certain any vintage lampshade that you have in your home will be a great conversation starter with guests

Vintage Lampshades

Vintage Lampshades

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